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retired federal ranger after 35 years on the job.
Born in Texas, Texas A&M Graduate class of 1960.
enjoy the lawn tractor on 2 acres of manicured lawn, fishing Cedar Creek Lake, fixing fishing reels, going to gun shows, and now going to finish up a botched sporterized M93 mauser someone else started.
Made it thru heart valve replacement surgery 21/2 months ago.

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    Thank you sir. I appreciate your confidence in my opinions.
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    That's great. As it happens, I have to work on one myself. The safety wont go all the way over to third.

    As for hunting ammo, You'll want to stay with the spire/spitzer point profile. Most military Mausers, and these Yugos are no exception, are prone to feed problems with shorter round nose profiles.

    I'm in Eats Texas. "Deep Boonedock" is nowhere and everywhere. Note the wink > ;) < following it.
    I choose not to post my exact whereabouts on the web but I live out in the country or, Boonedocks. Nothing personal, I assure you.

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    Howdy MrChuck. Welcome to the world of Yugo Mausers. These safety problems come up time to time. I've given a more detailed reply, with an image that may be of use, on your topic on the forum.

    It happens that I'm a Texan too. I've been to Gun Barrel city. I always thought that was a neat name for a town, right up there with 'Cut & Shoot." image

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    Reply from mrchuck:

    Thanks for the welcome. Where is "boondock, TX? East Texas?

    I just finished fixing the safety lever problem. All is A+ on the M-48A now. I will have to find some hunting ammo, as I only presently have military surplus ammo.
    I will post the repairs on the forum. Thanks for your help,,,gave me the courage push to dis-assemble the bolt. Chuck